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 Instructional Goals   IA
    Professional Learning Communities   IA-AR
 Freedom of Expression   IB
 Relations with Home-Schooled Students   IBDJA
 Curriculum Alignment and Program Review   IF
    Planned Course Statement   IF-AR(1)
    Second Language Requirements   IF-AR(2)
 School Site Councils   IFCA
    Application for 21st Century Schools Council   IFCA-AR
 Religion in the Public Schools   IGACA
    Religion in the Public Schools   IGACA-AR
 HIV, AIDS, HBV and HCV Health Education   IGAEA
 Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education**   IGAEB
    Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education   IGAEB-AR
 Students with Disabilities - Child Identification Procedures   IGBA
    Child Identification Procedures   IGBA-AR
 Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities Management   IGBAB/JO
    Authorization for the Release and Exchange of Information   IGBAB/JO-AR(1)
    Permission to Obtain and Release Information   IGBAB/JO-AR(2)
    Record of Request for Disclosure of and/or Inspection of Student Records   IGBAB/JO-AR(3)
 Special Education - Participation in Regular Education Programs   IGBAE
    Special Education - Individualized Education Program (IEP)   IGBAF-AR
 Special Education - Procedural Safeguards   IGBAG
    Special Education - Procedural Safeguards**   IGBAG-AR
 Special Education - Evaluation Procedures**   IGBAH
    Special Education - Evaluation and Eligibility Procedures   IGBAH-AR
 Special Education - Private Schools   IGBAI
    Special Education - Private Schools   IGBAI-AR
 Special Education - Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)**   IGBAJ
    Special Education - Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)**   IGBAJ-AR
 Special Education - Public Availability of State Application   IGBAK
    Special Education - Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities   IGBAL-AR
 Talented and Gifted Program   IGBB
 Identification - Talented and Gifted Students**   IGBBA
 Talented and Gifted - Programs and Services   IGBBC
 Parent Notification and Participation for TAG Students   IGBBD
 Title I/Parental Involvement   IGBC
    Title I/Parental Involvement   IGBC-AR
 Alternative Education Programs   IGBHA
    Evaluation of Non-District Alternative Education Programs - District Summary   IGBHA-AR(1)
    Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs - District Summary   IGBHA-AR(2)
    Student Aide/Cadet Teacher Reference Check Form   IGBHA-AR(3)
 Establishment of Alternative Education Programs   IGBHB
    Establishment of Alternative Education Programs   IGBHB-AR
 Alternative Education Notification   IGBHC
    Alternative Education Notification   IGBHC-AR
 Expanded Options Program   IGBHE
 English as a Second Language   IGBI
 Post-Graduate Scholar Program   IGCA
 School-Based Businesses   IGCF
    Revised:3/12/01; 11/22/10   IGCF-AR(1)
    Pay for Student Workers   IGCF-AR(2)
 Student Organizations   IGDA
    Guidelines and Application Form for High School Student Organizations   IGDA-AR
 Student Publications   IGDB
    Student Publications   IGDB-AR
 Activity Funds   IGDG
 Non-School-Sponsored Study and Athletic Tours/Trips/Competitions   IGDK
    Guidelines for Participation in Nondistrict Programs   IGDK-AR
 Class Size   IHB
    Class Size Appeals Procedure   IHB-AR
 Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials   IIA
    Instructional Materials/Program Adoption Procedure   IIA-AR(1)
    Procedures for the Reconsideration of Instructional Materials   IIA-AR(2)
    Procedure for Audio-Visual Equipment Selection   IIA-AR(3)
    Revised:3/12/01; 8/13/07; 6/05/17; 7/17/17   IIA-AR(4)
 Electronic Communications System   IIBGA
    Electronic Communications System   IIBGA-AR
 Field Trips and Special Events   IICA
    Field Trips   IICA-AR(1)
    School Party Guidelines   IICA-AR(2)
 Volunteers   IICC
 Academic Reporting**   IK
 Grading System**   IKA
    Grading Procedures**   IKA-AR
 Grade Reduction/Credit Denial**   IKAD
 Homework   IKB
 Promotion and Retention of Students   IKE
    Student Retention   IKE-AR
 Graduation Requirements   IKF
    Graduation Requirements   IKF-AR(1)
    Guidelines for the Implementation of Graduation Requirement Options   IKF-AR(2)
    Evaluation of Students in Special Education, Alternative Education and/or English as Second Language Grades 9-12   IKF-AR(3)
    Modified Diploma   IKF-AR(4)
    Modified Diploma   IKF-AR(5)
    Extended Diploma   IKF-AR(6)
    Guidelines for Using Work Samples to Meet Essential Skills   IKF-AR(7)
 Early Graduation   IKFA
    Early Graduation   IKFA-AR
 Personalized Career Diploma   IKFAA
    Personalized Career Diploma   IKFAA-AR
 Graduation Exercises   IKFB
    Participation in Graduation Commencement Exercises   IKFB-AR
 Studying Controversial Issues   INB
    Petition for Alternative Activity or Placement   INB-AR
 Animals in District Facilities   ING
    Handling of Animals   ING-AR
 Animal Dissection   INI

The following symbol is used on some policies:

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship. The status and duties of a legal guardian are defined in ORS 125.005 (4) and 125.300 - 125.325. The determination of whether an individual is acting in a parental relationship, for purposes of determining residency, depends on the evaluation of the factors listed in ORS 419B.373. The determination for other purposes depends on evaluation of those factors and a power of attorney executed pursuant to ORS 109.056. For special education students, parent also includes a surrogate parent, an adult student to whom rights have transferred and foster parent as defined in OAR 581-015-2000.


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