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 Safety Program   EB
 Reporting of Hazards   EB-AR(1)
 Lockout/Tagout Regulations   EB-AR(2)
 Holiday Decorations   EB-AR(3)
 Safety Committee   EBAC
    Safety Committee   EBAC-AR
 Integrated Pest Management   EBB
 First Aid**   EBBA
 Handling and Disposing of Contaminated Fluids   EBBA-AR
 HBV/Bloodborne Pathogens   EBBAB/GBEBAA/JHCCBA
 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan   EBBAB/GBEBAA/JHCCBA-AR
 Injury/Illness Reports   EBBB
 Life-Sustaining Emergency Care   EBBC
 Emergency Plan   EBC
 Emergency Drills   EBCB
 Emergency Closures   EBCD
 Management of Buildings and Grounds   EC
 Employee Identification Badge System   ECAAA
    Employee Identification Badge System   ECAAA-AR
 Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theft**   ECAB
 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) a.k.a. Drone   ECACB
 Traffic and Parking Controls   ECD
 Buildings and Grounds Records and Reports   ECE
 Authorized Use of ESD Equipment and Materials   EDC/KGF
 Sustainability   EDDA
 Use of District Activity Vehicles for Student Transportation   EEACD
 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles   EEAE
 District Vehicles/Seat Belts   EEBAA
 Use of Private Vehicles for District Business   EEBB
 Rules for Using Private Vehicles for ESD Business   EEBB-AR
 Local Wellness Program   EFA
 Reproduction of All Copyrighted Materials   EGAAA
 Use of Copyrighted Materials   EGAAA-AR
 Courier Service   EGAB
 Guidelines for Use of Courier Service   EGAB-AR
 Cellular Telephones   EGACA
    Cellular Telephones   EGACA-AR
 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act   EHA
 Risk and Insurance Management   EI
 Insurance Programs   EIA

The following symbol is used on some policies:

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship. The status and duties of a legal guardian are defined in ORS 125.005 (4) and 125.300 - 125.325. The determination of whether an individual is acting in a parental relationship, for purposes of determining residency, depends on the evaluation of the factors listed in ORS 419B.373. The determination for other purposes depends on evaluation of those factors and a power of attorney executed pursuant to ORS 109.056. For special education students, parent also includes a surrogate parent, an adult student to whom rights have transferred and foster parent as defined in OAR 581-015-2000.


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