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 Instructional Goals   IA
 Freedom of Expression   IB
 Relations with Homeschooled Students**   IBDJA
 School Year/ School Calendar/School Day   IC/ICA/ID
 Organization of Instruction   IE
 Curriculum Development   IF
    Curriculum Development Process   IF-AR
 Assessment Program   IFA
 Curriculum Research/Pilot Projects   IFA/IFB/IG
 Oregon 21st Century Schools Program*   IFC
 21st Century Schools Councils   IFCA
 Curriculum Adoption   IFD
 Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines   IFE
 Teaching about Religion   IGAC
 HIV, AIDS, HBV and HCV Health Education**   IGAEA
 Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education**   IGAEB
 Children with Disabilities Placed by Districts in Private Schools   IGBAI
 Traffic Safety Education   IGAJ
    Traffic Safety Education   IGAJ-AR
 Distance Learning   IGAM
 Child Find   IGBA
    Child Identification Procedures   IGBA-AR
 Student Education Records, Access, and Confidentiality   IGBAB
    Confidentiality-Education Records of Students with Disabilities   IGBAB-AR
 Personnel Qualification   IGBAC
 Special Education-Participation in Regular Education Programs   IGBAE
    Special Education - Participation in Regular Education Programs   IGBAE-AR
 Individualized Education Program (IEP)   IGBAF
    Special Education - Individualized Education Program (IEP)**   IGBAF-AR
 Procedural Safeguards   IGBAG
    Special Education - Procedural Safeguards**   IGBAG-AR
 Evaluation and Eligibility   IGBAH
    Special Education-Evaluation Procedures**   IGBAH-AR
    Special Education - Private Schools   IGBAI-AR
 Children Enrolled By Their Parents In Private Schools   IGBAII
 Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)   IGBAJ
    Special Education-Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)   IGBAJ-AR
 Special Education-Public Availability of State Application   IGBAK
 Home Schooling for Students with Disabilities   IGBAL
    Special Education-Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities   IGBAL-AR
 Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)   IGBAM
 Talented and Gifted Program   IGBB
 Identification-Talented and Gifted**   IGBBA
 Identification-Talented and Gifted Students Among Nontypical Populations**   IGBBB
 Programs and Services-Talented and Gifted**   IGBBC
 Parent Notification and Participation**   IGBBD
 Parent Involvement   IGBC
    Parent Involvement   IGBC-AR
 At-Risk Student Program   IGBCB
    At-Risk Student Program   IGBCB-AR
 Homebound Instruction   IGBG
 Alternative Education Programs**   IGBHA
    Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs   IGBHA-AR(1)
 Establishment of Alternative Education Programs   IGBHB
    Establishment of Alternative Education Programs   IGBHB-AR
 Alternative Education Notification**   IGBHC
 Program Exemptions   IGBHD
 Expanded Options Program   IGBHE
 Bilingual Education   IGBI
 Service Learning   IGCG
 Cocurricular/Extracurricular Activities   IGD
 Student Organizations   IGDA
 Student Publications   IGDB
    Student Publications   IGDB-AR
 Student Performances   IGDD
 Student Activity Fees   IGDE
 Student Fund Raising   IGDF
 Student Activity Funds   IGDG
 Contests for Students   IGDH
 Interscholastic Athletics   IGDJ
 District Athletics/Activities Eligibility   IGDJA
    District Athletics/Activities Eligibility   IGDJA-AR
 Non-School-Sponsored Study and Athletic Tours/Trips/Competitions   IGDK
 Instructional Arrangements/Grouping for Instruction   IH/IHA
 Class Size   IHB
 Alternative Instructional Programs   IHGA
    Proficiency Credit Options   IHGA-AR
 Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials   IIA
    Instructional Material Selection   IIA-AR(1)
 Use of Feature Films/Videos**   IIABB
 Special Interest Materials   IIAD
 District Libraries   IIBD
    Reconsideration Request Form for Re-evaluation of Library Materials   IIBD-AR
 Electronic Communications System   IIBGA
    Electronic Communications System   IIBGA-AR
 Web Pages   IIBGB
 Field Trips and Special Events**   IICA
 Community Resource Persons   IICB
 Volunteers   IICC
    Volunteers   IICC-AR
 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program   IJ
 Academic Achievement**   IK
 Student Progress Reports to Parents**   IKAB
 Grade Reduction/Credit Denial   IKAD
 Homework   IKB
 Class Rankings   IKC
 Promotion and Retention of Students**   IKE
    Middle/Elementary School Promotion Standards and Guidelines   IKE-AR
 Graduation Requirements   IKF
    Graduation Requirements   IKF-AR
 Early Graduation**   IKFA
 Graduation Exercises   IKFB
    Graduation Requirements   IKFB-AR
 Modified Diploma   IKFC
    Developing a Modified Diploma Plan   IKFC-AR
 Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) Proficiency Standards   IKGA
 Assessment Program   IL
 Assessment Exemption   ILBA
 Appraisal and Improvement of Educational Programs   IM
 Student Achievement Program   IMB
 Studying Controversial Issues   INB
 Flag Displays and Salutes   INDB
 Assemblies   INE
 Animals in District Facilities   ING
 Class Interruptions   INH
 Animal Dissection   INI

The following symbol is used on some policies:

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship. The status and duties of a legal guardian are defined in ORS 125.005 (4) and 125.300 - 125.325. The determination of whether an individual is acting in a parental relationship, for purposes of determining residency, depends on the evaluation of the factors listed in ORS 419B.373. The determination for other purposes depends on evaluation of those factors and a power of attorney executed pursuant to ORS 109.056. For special education students, parent also includes a surrogate parent, an adult student to whom rights have transferred and foster parent as defined in OAR 581-015-2000.


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